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Thursday, October 2, 2014

Noir Interlude #1

Just a little noir photo safari ... from Pasadena, through downtown LA, across mid city, over to Culver City, creeping into the west side and Santa Monica.

(I'm inspired, as you might guess, by this guy.)

Music: 2 Die 4 by Jeff Oster


  1. Found you off Twitter. Epic shots.

  2. Everyone needs to find you again, Laurie! This is a nice combo of film noir inspired shots. Recently I watched some old B noir movies on Netflix and I was amazed at how great the cinematography was.

  3. That is a cool video! I've missed your blog!


    1. Thanks, guys! Good to see you Christine! Green Guy, what did you watch? I saw a few last month that I'd never heard of, and I rewatched Kiss Me Deadly. Hadn't seen it since college.

  4. That lone trumpet really lends itself to this sense of noir. There's just something about the tonal ranges in gray-scale, that bring out all of the nuances of whatever is in the shot. Nice going. :D