Inside the City ... Outside the Box
Los Angeles pictures and stories by Laurie Allee


 I'm Laurie Allee  

I came to Los Angeles  over 25 years ago. I've lived in Hollywood, Laurel Canyon, Venice Beach, Palms, West LA, Santa Monica and now (happily settled in) South Pasadena. I love telling stories about this city with words and pictures. I also love learning other people's stories -- both historical and current -- based on the landmarks and viewpoints I encounter throughout Southern California.  This will be a place for those things.  

I regularly blog South Pasadena here and ethical style here.

I drop daily street photos and a few long form narratives here, too.

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Technical Stuff for photography nerds:

All photos are my originals.  I shoot with Nikon, Lumix and occasionally with an early 2000s FujiFilm point-and-shoot that, for mysterious and unknown reasons, takes amazing night photos.  When I'm feeling nostalgic, I grab one of my old film cameras. (I'm partial to my 1980 Yashica TLR.)

I also shoot with my iPhone. (4, 4S, 6, then SE)

All videos are my originals. Footage is shot with a Panasonic HD video camera and a RODE microphone, but in a pinch I'll shoot with my iPhone. I edit on Sony Vegas and iMovie. Slideshows are sometimes edited on Animoto Pro.